In 1995, an informal Human Resources association was set up by a group of HR professionals coming from different organisations in the form of informal gatherings. As times went by, more and more HR professionals joined in and after a decade, the number of organisations participated in the HR gatherings was increased from 3 to over 20 in 2005.

In view of the support of Macau HR practitioners and the need to offer a formal platform for experience sharing and continuous improvement of Human Resources Management in Macau, the Macau Human Resources Management Association (AGRHM) was officially setup in May, 2005.

It’s members base includes professionals from a variety of industries, such as Public Utilities, Telecommunications, Banking, Gaming, Aviation, Marketing and Government, etc.

The installation of the first management team was successfully held on July 5, 2005. It was officiated by the honorary Chief Executive of Macau Special Administration Region, Mr. Edmund Ho, the Secretariat for Economy and Finance, Mr. Tam Pak Yuen, the president of Macau Management Association Mr. Chui Sai Cheong and the President of Macao Chamber of Commerce ACM, Mr. Hoi Sai Iun and was witnessed by over 250 guests from different organisations.